Welcome to Wings Pre School

    Is an effort in a direction that would create change with and through education

    A change in:

    :Our attitude towards children

    :Our understanding of children’s growth and development

    :The way we perceive and evaluate children’s learning abilities

    :The way we provide opportunities for children to develop and express their creative selves

    :The way we prepare ourselves to organize learning environments for children

    :The way we partner with children, teachers and parents to better understand children and their ‘growing up’ needs.

"The right to education is not only the right to attend schools, it is the right to find in schools all that is necessary to the building of a questioning mind and a dynamic moral conscience."

Jean Piaget

Our Highlights

Experienced and qualified Management with extensive experience from early childhood education to Higher education.

Training by experts in Child Psychology.

Structured environment and scientifically designed education material to engage and enable effective learning in the child.

Well structured methodology covering all aspects of early childhood development including Sensorial, Cognitive, Language, Mathematics, Practical Life, Geography, Science, Personality, socio-emotional, creative abilities and more.

Well researched curriculum with multiple best practice methodologies integrated including Montessori, multiple intelligence theories, thematic approaches and more keeping the Indian academic context in mind

Designed by alumni from IIT and IIM backed by over 15 years of experience in the preschool industry